Almost 20 years ago, the club started with five friends hunting one field. Today, MU Hunt Club has around 100 members and leases about 2,000 acres in and around Braidwood, Illinois. We have several concrete pit blinds, approximately 15 fields to hunt and about 20 different blind locations. We lease two pole barns; one that is used as a clubhouse and the other, to store hunting equipment. Our continued success is achieved by the club members working together and having great passion for the sport of waterfowl hunting.

Our members are a vast group of avid hunters who love the excitement of excellent hunting and great field locations. Not only do we have an abundance of waterfowl, our members show great camaraderie towards each other.

Because of the abundance of waterfowl in the area, members are encouraged to bring youth hunters.

How the club works: The members show up at the clubhouse in the morning and figure out who they would like to hunt with. A daily draw system is used to determine where the members will hunt for that particular day. We averaged around 10 hunters per day, during the week and around 20 on the weekends. The members have name tags. These name tags are placed on a Blind Board indicating where they are hunting. This helps members that could not be at the draw first thing in the morning, as well as groups moving up into a blind that may have shot out.

After the draw is over, the groups have their blind to hunt for the entire day. This happens each morning. If members could not make it to the morning draw, it is not a problem. Late members simply look at the Blind Board that shows who is hunting where. They could jump into an open blind or hunt with members already out in the fields.

It has taken us many years of trial and error to find a system that works for all the members. This system is easy, fair and gives every member the best chance at harvesting waterfowl every time they come out.

The clubhouse: Everything you need is at the clubhouse.

  • We have maps of all the fields and charts showing what kind of crops are in the blind locations. 

  • There are sign-in sheets, hunting log forms and waiver forms for members bringing out guests. 

  • We have two-way radios for each group that is out hunting and a trailer filled with decoys that members can use for the day. 

  • The heated clubhouse provides a refrigerator, microwave, satellite TV and club members hanging around talking about hunting. 

Fields and blinds: Many years of hard work went into finding good locations to hunt around Braidwood Lake. The fields that we hunt are some of the best around. We hunt around 15 different fields in two counties that surround three sides of the lake.

We currently have 9 hunting pits made of concrete septic tanks, and are strategically placed for successful waterfowl hunts. You can be assured that a lot of thought and hard work went into the pit locations.

We also hunt from layout blinds. The members at MU Hunt Club can almost always be assured to find a blind location that will work for them.

Members' responsibilities:

  • To keep hunting dues down, each member is expected to make one work trip every other year. 

  • All necessary paperwork and club dues turned in by the due date. 

  • Show respect to land owners, farmers and the club’s property. 

  • Be able to get along with other members and hunters. 

  • To be safe and use caution at all times. 

  • Follow club rules at all times. 

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