Hello And Welcome To Our News Page. 

2016-17 thus far has been hot and cold just like the weather. We got the cold weather and snow and we had some of the best hunting a hunter can dream of. Most members that made it out did not have much trouble shooting limits of ducks and geese everyday. Yea we had a slow day from time to time but everyone was doing their fair of shooting. 
We are back waiting for that artic blast and to get that white fluffy stuff back on the fields. Once thats happens I know we will posting numbers of 75 a day like we did just a few short weeks ago. 

If you are interested in becoming a member we have an end of the year cook out that is open to the public. Feel free to contact me for times and dates. It will be the first Saturday in Feburary weather permitting. This is a great way to meet the members, check out the club and learn why we have been so succesfully for over 20 years. 

All our spots fill up every year so don't get caught watching us hunt the field you could be hunting with us. 

We look forward to hunting with you!

Tony Langford